Brydon Eastman


Beyond math and code my hobbies include: coffee, rock climbing, cycling, and camping.

I've completely nerded out over coffee in the last handful of years. In undergrad I started to grind my own beans and learn more about specialty, single origin coffees. Over the years I've done a deep dive into specialty pour over coffee and manual espresso.

In highschool my friends and I would go bouldering pretty regularly. During my Ph.D. I got back in to the sport and regularly climb at my local climbing gym as well as the Niagara Glen, Rattlesnake Point, and other climbing crags in Southern Ontario.

A picture of me putting on rock climbing shoes while sitting on a crash pad, a large boulder sits in the background with chalked up hand-holds

I've been very interested in the outdoors since I was young. During undergrad I was at a conference for the International Linear Algebra Society in Rhode Island. My flight home was overbooked and I was bumped off the flight. However, I received a flight voucher that I promptly parlayed into a free flight to Yosemite National Park where I spent 10 days on a solo trip down the John Muir Trail in backcountry Yosemite. This spontaneous experience ignited a love of backcountry camping. Since that first Yosemite trip I've done backcountry camping trips in the Canadian Rockies as well as various backcountry campgrounds in Northern and Southern Ontario.